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Digital Glitsand - Nijel Noel

Album: “Digital Glitsand”

Artist: Nijel Noel

Released: February 11th,2021

The Name

Digital Glitsand sees the world as “being online”. Imagine sinking into an image of deception to keep up with online. Gitsand is like quick sand but with glitter or shinny things, things that pull you for their mere beauty and temporary feeling but really are dangerous. The more you glitter yourself, the further you get sucked in.

The Conception of Digital Glitsand

Digital Glitsand embodies the many moods, feelings, and experiences of Nijel Noel. It has something for everyone. Nijel Noel drifts over electronic pop, afrocentric, and alternative r&b beats. Vulnerability and rawness are expressed sonically on songs like “Not Another Face” and “Thundering”, then theres songs like “Hour Glass”, “R U Down”, & “YWNLM” that have dance, disco and house influences. We also see an emerging rapsonna “Glitter Boy” that makes Nijel's presence on songs like “E-Flowers”, “Pretty Capricoaco” & “Cash App” (my personal fav). Nijel was adamant on making something for everyone but still giving his staple sound of raw layered vocals and catchy dual meaning hooks.

To me, this project exudes the urge for us to share ourselves with the world. It is important to share our perspective in shaping the creation of things. Nijel uses his voice to show us the journey and quest in finding ourselves in an ever turning matrix of things.

Notable favs: Cash App, Block Hot

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