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Featured Artist: Mishon

Mishon Morgan is a 24 year old entrepreneur born in Maryland and raised in Baldwin Hills, CA until 2005.

Mishon came back to Maryland with the Cali lifestyle and never really fit in on this side... “I truly believed being myself was going to get me to where I wanted in life. All I ever wanted was world peace tho (I know that sounds lame) it’s all I wanted... so like I do whatever I can to be apart of that peace.. I contribute to helping others, making others happy”.

Mishon started Our Generation Magazine to create a public platform for creators to express themselves without having to jump through hoops. Everybody has a story to tell , and Mishon’s goal is to have many sources of platforms for people to be themselves and create a community of over achievers & independent free thinkers.

Tou can support Mishon here:

and check out OG radio (via the Home Page)

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